A Message Especially for Owner Operators and Small Fleets


PACIFIC GROVE, Calif. – Are owner operators and small fleets overlooking an important cost savings advantage enjoyed by the big fleets? They are if they aren’t retreading their tires.

Truck tire retreading has become so popular that owner operators and trucking fleets today purchase millions of retreads annually.

It is estimated that those retread purchases result in more than a $3 billion dollar annual savings for the trucking industry.

Even with those savings there are too many owner-operators who will say, “I can’t run on caps because I have to travel through the desert. I can’t run on caps because I carry too much weight. I can’t run on caps because they come apart and damage my equipment.

What they are really saying is, “I don’t want a piece of the $3 billion pie because I don’t know how to maintain my tires like the fleets do.”

Fleets can’t afford to have their equipment torn apart by failed tires anymore than an owner operator can. With just-in-time freight and guaranteed delivery times, they can’t afford en route failures anymore than owner operators can. Fleets have to carry those same heavy payloads and travel through the desert and other hot regions of the country just like owner operators do.

Fleet managers know that with today’s technology retreads don’t come apart. If a tire fails and throws alligators all over the highway they know it is most likely caused by a casing failure. The wire embedded in the rubber is a clear indication that it is not a result of a retread failure. Retreads don’t put wire in the rubber they put on a tire.

Fleet managers know that the air pressure gauge and the consistent use of it is their best insurance against en route failures.They also know that stringent casing inspection standards and a good retread supplier are keys to their success.

A good rule for owner operators to follow is: Don’t buy your retreads on the road from a vendor who knows he won’t see you again. The TRIB Retread Tire Buyers Guide is a good source of the names of top quality retreaders in North America. It can be accessed by going to http://www.retread.org/Guide/

Establish a relationship with a local retread supplier who knows you will be back home on the weekend to confront him with any tire problems you might experience during the week.

In those instances when you do have to make a road purchase because a tire fails and you are away from home, don’t buy the cheapest retread you can get. Insist on the best quality retread available. Inquire with the local truckers about who offers the best quality retreaded tires in their area. Again, the TRIB Retread Tire Buyers Guide can help.

Most important, remember tires must be maintained. Whether you are running on new tires or retreads, consistent air pressure maintenance is the most important factor in a successful tire program. Buy a good air gauge and use it.

You already know how tough it is to make a buck in this competitive industry. You also know that tires fall only behind fuel in the cost of operating your truck. So why give up your piece of the $3 billion dollar pie?

If you maintain your retreads properly, they will run as well for you as they do for the big fleets. And you will keep more money in your pocket!

For more information, including a free “Reputable Retreading” CD/DVD packet, please send an email to info@retread.org with your complete mailing address, including country, or call 888-473-8732 toll free from anywhere in North America.