American Logistics Contracts With STA


American Logistics Company (“ALC”) is excited to announce it has contracted with Student Transportation of America Inc. (“STA”) to transport special needs students to five school districts in Northern California. Previous to this agreement, ALC contracted with school districts to provide special education transportation with passenger vans and sedans carrying nine passengers or less. ALC will now be able to offer its school district customers special education transportation with larger school vans and conventional school buses when required through this sub-contract arrangement with STA

“We are thrilled to work with STA on these select routes” said Chris Thomas, Vice President of ALC. “We have a fantastic team and superior technology to manage special needs transportation. Now we can offer a school district any type of vehicle that best fits their needs – all fully compliant.”

Most school districts have unique transportation needs for special education students best served in vehicles that offer flexibility and reduced ride times. ALC believes that many students are still better served with conventional school buses. Now that ALC has added the availability of school vehicles from STA to our fleet management, we believe we can “right size” the vehicle to provide the best service and the lowest cost solution for all transportation needs.

About American Logistics Company

American Logistics Company was formed in January 2007 to be the management company that focuses on our three business segments; Government, Medical and School transportation. American Logistics manages fleets of vehicles that provide premium transportation service to the customer. With our dispatch center being located in Utah, we are able to support service all over the United States

About Student Transportation

Founded in 1997, Student Transportation is the fourth-largest provider of school bus transportation services in North America, conducting operations through local operating subsidiaries. Student Transportation has become a leading school bus transportation company by aggregating operations through the consolidation of existing providers and conversion of in-house operations and currently operates more than 5,600 school vehicles in North America. For more information, please visit