Another Example of the Need for Schools to Remain Security-Conscious


Just a six miles from the STN Media Group office, Gardena High School located south of Los Angeles learned first-hand today the vital importance of keeping campuses safe.

In fact, it was the second shooting at the high school, known for gang violence, since 2002. The Los Angeles Times reports that two students were injured when a another student pulled a gun from his book bag and the gun fired. Police later took the alleged shooter into custody. Meanwhile, at least one of the students was in critical condition at a local hospital after being shot in the temple.

Reports indicate the shooting happened on accident as the alleged shooter reached into his book bag during class. Still, the scene horrified the young witnesses.

Why did the student have a gun on him in the first place? And how did the student get the gun past metal detectors erected around campus? How easily could that student have taken the gun on a school bus, which Los Angeles Unified School District operates at Gardena High?

While it was unknown if the suspect rides the school bus, the incident surely gives educators, transporters, students, parents, and the rest of the community yet another reason to think reason to think long and hard about safety and security.