Blue Bird Recalls to Fix Instrument Panel, Seat Belts and Roof Hatches


Blue Bird Corporation announced four separate NHTSA recalls that address a number of safety concerns in a total of 779 school bus models manufactured this past spring.

The vast majority of the recalls issued in two separate campaigns affect 749 Type C conventional Vision and Type D transit-style All American models that are equipped with driver seat belts that may have been “inadvertently installed” with mismatched buckles. This fails to comply with FMVSS 209 on seat belt assemblies. Blue Bird explained that the latch plate, or tongue, on one buckle style may “mate” with another style buckle receiver, but the latch plate may not be properly engaged.

Dealer will make the seat belt repairs free of charge.

Blue Bird is also recalling 19 Visions manufactured from May 10 through June 7 of this year to fix the electronic module that activates the hydraulic brake pressure indicator light on the dash instrument panel. During manufacturing, this light may have been omitted when there is little or no hydraulic brake pressure. This defect puts the buses out of compliance with FMVSS 105 “Hydraulic and Electrical Brakes Systems,” Section 5.3 “Brake System Indicator Lamps.”

Blue Bird dealers will also make these electrical repairs free of charge.

A final recall centers on 11 Micro Bird and G5 Type A small buses equipped with ProLo roof escape hatches from Specialty Manufacturing, Inc. (SMI) The roof hatches have rear plate assemblies, part number 009327, and nylon rear pop-up supports, part number 00856, that can encounter increased friction when the opening force of the roof hatches exceed FMVSS 217, “Bus Emergency Exits and Window Retention Release.”

SMI is providing service kits with repair instructions free of charge to dealers and owners.