Debuts New Three-Module Eco Driving Package For Fleets


ORLANDO, Fla. –, the premiere hazard perception evaluation and risk mitigation software company, today announced the expansion of their driver training modules to include an eco driving program designed to give drivers a comprehensive understanding of basic eco-driving techniques . The new three-module package combines’s global safe driving standards with proven techniques to change driver behavior and significantly reduce the fuel consumption and carbon footprint generated by fleet drivers.

Today’s commitment to the triple bottom line – people, planet, profits – is driven by not only rising gas prices and a more global awareness of our impact on the earth, but by a united effort on the part of the part of individuals, corporations, the EPA, Department of Transportation and the President of the United States. President Obama’s national policy, aimed at both increasing fuel economy and reducing greenhouse gas pollution, announced last June, raised the bar and the standard MPG among new cars.

“With Obama’s policy on fuel efficiency, and independent studies being conducted by major auto manufacturers like Ford and Isuzu that show most drivers can attain a 25% improvement in fuel economy with efficient driving techniques, we have definitely reached the tipping point,” said Michael Bragg, Creator of “By adopting fuel efficient driving techniques a company can save real money and minimize environmental impact, at the same time reducing collisions, injuries, costs and liability exposure for the organization.”

Comprised of three modules, the web-based training package has been strategically designed to address a driver’s attitude, pre-trip preparation and on-the-road driving behavior. The first module, entitled ‘The Fuel Efficient Eco Attitude’, targets a driver’s mindset to avoid wasteful and environmentally unfriendly behaviors such as speeding, tailgating and poor road scanning. This is followed by the second module, ‘Eco Driving Trip Preparation’, promoting proper vehicle maintenance and efficient route planning. Finally, ‘Managing Emissions on the Road’ provides simple techniques for the driver to implement while behind the wheel to increase gas mileage and reduce emissions.

The three module training package is currently available in the United States, Canada, Taiwan, China, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia, and will be available in 40 countries by the fall.

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