CE White to Bring Heavy Duty Bus Part’s ‘I-skin’ Seat to Market


CE White announces plans to offer the new “I-skin” seat foam as a seating option at the 2011 STN EXPO Trade Show.

Heavy Duty Bus Parts began research and development on the seat six years ago with the intention to offer the i-skin foam seat as an option to vinyl over foam.

Differing approaches to production have undergone both development and testing in the effort to bring a safer, more reliable solution to the 30-something-year-old application of traditional vinyl over foam seats,” said HDBP President Brandon Billingsley. “During the past year, further developments such as the ability to increase legroom and thereby capacity, pending the floor plan, have enlarged both the scope and scale of the project.”

Realizing that a large, well capitalized urethane manufacturer working with a very large, well capitalized seating company would be most effective to bring this technology to market, HDBP reached out to seating manufacturer CE White.

“It makes perfect sense for us to step aside, although HDBP will assist in the finalization of development, and allow a company, such as C.E. White, to successfully bring this technology to market,” added Billingsley. “With C.E. White’s amount of capital, assets, current infrastructure, and advanced engineering facility, will enable i-skin technology to reach the school bus in a way that benefits the technology, the OEMs, our mutual customers, and the industry as a whole.”