Family and Friends Mourn Georgia Preschooler Killed on School Bus


Tears filled the Gumbranch Baptist Church when hundreds of family members and friends attended the mourning of Cambria Shuman, a preschooler killed in a fatal school bus crash, 13WHAM reports.

Reports indicate that the school bus driver veered off road and hit a tree. All 21 passengers were taken to the hospital. Cambria, 5, was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

In his moving eulogy to his daughter on Saturday, Kris Shuman said, “When I sleep, I see her. And she’s happy. Happy as a clam.”

Cambria is survived by her mother, father, stepmother, stepfather, three sisters, a brother and several grandparents.

Officials described that the investigation continues as they review the driving record of Evelyn Ramirez, 62-year old who operated the school bus the day of the crash.