Goodbye Mr. Al and Thank You


Earlier this week, we talked about how operations honor retiring drivers. We received one comment that we couldn’t let go unread. Congratulations Al and thank you for all the safe rides.

This may be my one shot at speaking out so here goes. I am retired from the US Navy and was urged to get my CDL just over fifteen years ago. Got them on a Tuesday and at 6:15 the next morning with snow,sleet,freezing rain and fog I got the call,”Get up here, I need a driver”. So my career started and I have enjoyed most of it. Beautifull sunrises and sunsets,deer, raccoons, birds and kids. All have served to make my 250,000 miles a vast source of joy and learning. I’ll never forget my kids, the preschooler who rode for a year never saying a word, until her last day when she looked up the steps and said, “I love you Mr. Al”. Or the fine young man who is serving our country at my urging. He told me he knew exactly who he is and what he was doing. There are lots of others but I think you get my point. So I’ll close wishing you all safe days and pleasant stories. Keep the wheels rolling, the schedule on time and kids safe. I am retiring in May to spend more time with my wife and grandchildren. God Bless America. Al Murray, Robertson County Bd of Ed, Mt. Olivet, Ky.