Gray Manufacturing Resolves Dispute Over Infringement on Wireless Mobile Lift Patent


Gray Manufacturing Company, Inc., announced that it has resolved a patent infringement lawsuit brought against lift manufacturer M2K Automtive Service Solutions.

Gray filed the lawsuit in February alleging that M2K, not to be confused with the school bus seat manufacturer of the same name, had infringed on two Gray patents, U.S. Patent No. RE41,554 and U.S. Patent No. 7,014,012, both entitled “Coordinated Lift System.”

The agreement, in which no party admitted any wrongdoing, was entered into to avoid the costs and uncertainties of litigation. As part of the resolution, Gray said M2K agreed not to import wireless mobile column lift devices into the United States and Canada. M2K retains the right to sell all types of lifts, other than wireless mobile column lift devices in the United States and Canada, and has full rights to market and sell all types of lifts anywhere outside North America.

Gray also said a third-generation of Gray wireless mobile column lifts will soon be introduced to broaden the scope of its utility to the customer.

In separate matters, Gray said it continues to pursue its federal lawsuit filed on Feb. 29, 2012 against ARS Global Guiding, Inc.; Maxima USA, Yantai Maxima Automobile Repair Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd; Yantai Bantam Automobile Test & Repair Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd.; and MIT Group / Maxima, for patent infringement related to the same patents.

Gray added that it “will vigorously pursue and defend the rights granted under its patents.”