IMMI Announces Return of SafeGuard Summer Exchange Program


Starting June 1, the seating manufacturer will enable schools to trade-in STAR restraints, as well as any brand of vests and other child restraints, for a discount on the purchase of a new STAR restraint.

To participate, school districts must cut the manufacturing labels off and the webbing they’re sewn to from their seats and ship them to IMMI. In return, districts will receive a $15 coupon that can be used towards the purchase of any new STAR restraint from an authorized STAR distributor of their choice.

“It is so important for school officials to monitor the condition of the restraints they’re using to transport students,” said Matt Chaplin, IMMI field sales and service manager in a recent statement. “With this program, school officials can be assured they’re providing high quality safety restraints for their students, while receiving an extra cost-saving benefit as well.”

Purchases must be made before Dec. 31, 2011. For more information about the SafeGuard Summer Exchange Program, visit or call 877.447.2305.