Micro Bird G5 Outperformed the Competition on the Altoona Testing


DRUMMONDVILLE, Quebec — Micro Bird is pleased to announce that the DRW G5 has successfully completed Altoona Testing. Micro Bird submitted the G5 lift bus for a seven-year/200,000 miles STURAA test (Surface Transportation and Uniform Relocation Assistance Act of 1987). Testing started on Oct. 8, 2012 and was completed on Feb. 18, 2013.

Micro Bird outperformed the competition on the interior noise tests with impressive results and got to the finish line with a clean slate on the body structure. Ensuring optimal safety, quality, durability and serviceability, the Micro Bird bus has been tested utilizing the below criteria:

Maintainability: This segment is broken down into 3 subsections which focus on the ability and time required to service the bus’ components. These subsections include accessibility, service/preventative maintenance and repair/replacement.

Reliability: Documents unscheduled breakdowns, repairs, down time and repair time that occurs during testing.

Safety: Determines handling and stability of the bus by measuring speed through a double-lane change test.

Performance: Determines acceleration, gradeability, top speed capabilities and braking of the bus.

Structural Integrity: Includes various subsections including structural shakedown, structural distortion, static towing, dynamic towing, jacking, hoisting, and durability.

Fuel economy: Provides accurate comparable fuel consumption data on bus product by manufacturers.

Noise: Measures and records interior and exterior noise levels and checks for audible vibration under various operating conditions.

Emissions: Provides comparable gas and emissions data for buses produced by different manufacturers while operating the vehicle over a simulated route.

The Altoona Test, performed in Duncansville, Pennsylvania, is required for any bus purchased utilizing Federal Transit Administration funds. While there is no pass or fail designation applied, the standardized test is utilized as a comparison tool for purchase decisions. Blue Bird buses have continually undergone Altoona Testing since 1993. In the event that a bus experiences substantial product redesign, the Altoona Test is readministered.

With each bus product line tested, Blue Bird is fully-compliant with Altoona Testing.

“Micro Bird’s focus has always been to build the best, most economical buses. Altoona’s independent test results confirm we are achieving our objectives and confirm Micro Bird is the best choice for operators, drivers and riders,” said Steve Girardin, president of Micro Bird.

Complete test details and results from Altoona Tests are available at, http://www.altoonabustest.com/.

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