More School Bus Safety Tools Now Online, Says NHTSA Rep at NASDPTS and NAPT Conferences


CINCINNATI – The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration announced at the NAPT Annual Summit that it has created a new web page dedicated entirely to school bus safety. This extensive new resource is geared toward school transportation professionals and the public, and it features numerous training materials, such as training for school bus drivers. It also provides the latest news in school transportation and industry regulations as well as information on current issues like seat belts and safer bus-stop locations.

A day earlier at the NASDPTS meeting, which is held in conjunction with the NAPT convention and trade show, Leah Walton, NHTSA’s school bus program administrator, announced that the updated School Bus Driver In-Service Safety Series is now available online at The training covers such topics as driver attitude and knowledge of bus routes, emergency evacuations, highway rail grade crossings, loading and unloading, vehicle training and student management, including students with special needs.

NHTSA has also posted a Child Safety Restraint Systems on School Buses training video on its website at Six modules covering the basics of child safety restraint systems (CSRS) include specific information on rear-facing and forward-facing seats and safety vests. The training is available in English and Spanish and is intended as an introduction to proper use of CSRS in school buses and as a refresher overview.

Walton added that the in-service and CSRS modules would also be available in DVD format in December.

“We highly encourage your staff and drivers to go through the eight-hour course,” she said. “We thought the DVD would be a good option to verify that what you’re doing is right.”