Navistar Solidifies Its Environmental Leadership Commitment on Earth Day 2011


WARRENVILLE, Ill.- On Earth Day, Navistar (NYSE: NAV) is marking that it is seeing a growing demand for sustainable technology across its business divisions. Navistar founded its environmental platform on the total vehicle concept, which focuses on components meeting a high level of internal standards from the beginning of their design. For decades, Navistar has demonstrated a commitment to these technologies, which benefit the environment and its customers.

“Earth Day is every day for Navistar; it’s about doing the best we can to create a cleaner world through ground-breaking transportation options,” said Dee Kapur, President Truck Group, Navistar. “Our customers also support this philosophy, as evidenced by the demand for EPA 2010 vehicles.”

Navistar’s environmental technologies include:

All-Electric Power


The all-electric eStar™ truck is the first purpose-built medium-duty commercial vehicle to receive EPA certification as a clean fuel fleet vehicle as well as California Air Resources Board (CARB) certification as a zero emissions vehicle. Capable of carrying payloads up to two tons, the eStar offers features such as a low center of gravity (the battery is between the frame rails, not mounted on top), walk-through cab and a cassette-type battery, which allows ease of maintenance and is the perfect design for around-the-clock operation. With zero tailpipe emissions, each eStar truck can potentially reduce greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 10 tons annually.

Hybrid Electric Power

International hybrid trucks look like ordinary work trucks, but can deliver dramatic fuel savings of up to 60 percent in utility-type applications, when the MaxxForce® engine often can be turned off and electric power still operates the vehicle. Beyond the fuel savings potential, the trucks produce zero emissions when auxiliary equipment (like an overhead utility bucket) operates solely on the truck’s battery power.

The hybrid-electric system utilizes a regenerative braking platform that sends electricity back to the battery and adds power to the driveline during starts and acceleration. This capability makes the truck more efficient, particularly in city and stop-and-go driving. When the truck reaches a work site, the hybrid system can power booms, aerial devices and other tools needed at the location for up to 90 minutes without the engine running, significantly reducing noise, emissions and fuel costs.


The International DuraStar Hybrid diesel-electric hybrid utility truck is powered by the MaxxForce® DT diesel engine in conjunction with a mild parallel-type, diesel-electric hybrid architecture, developed by Eaton Corporation, which leads to increased fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

In March 2009, Navistar introduced the Class 7 severe-duty International WorkStar® Hybrid 4×4, the industry’s first hybrid four-wheel-drive commercial truck. The four-wheel drive capability of the truck is ideal for customers who need a truck to operate in off-highway conditions but are also looking to save energy and fortify their sustainability efforts.

IC Bus

Navistar affiliate, IC Bus, offers a comprehensive portfolio of hybrid-electric school and commercial buses. In February 2007, IC Bus was the first company to enter assembly-line production of hybrid buses. While offering a battery-powered hybrid electric system similar to that used in commercial trucks, IC Bus is the first and only manufacturer of a factory-built plug-in electric hybrid vehicle. The IC Bus line-up of hybrid school buses can deliver fuel savings of up to 65 percent and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 40 percent. Even non-hybrid buses are preferable to driving your kids to school, as every bus takes 36 cars off of the road, saving more than 3 billion gallons of fuel each year.

In 2010, IC Bus created America’s Greenest SchoolSM Contest to promote the long-term green benefits of school bus ridership in the United States and Canada. The contest challenged students to demonstrate how they would make their school experience the greenest in the country. The South Shore Charter Public School in Norwell, MA and Burnaby North Secondary School in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada were named winners, each receiving a IC Bus plug-in hybrid school bus.

Natural Gas


During the Green Truck Summit, Navistar demonstrated a natural gas powered International WorkStar vehicle. The WorkStar features a DT-466 based natural gas engine developed in conjunction with Emissions Solutions Incorporated (ESI) of McKinney, Texas. ESI offers engine ratings from 175-300 horsepower with 460-860 lb.-ft. torque. The engines are capable of supporting both liquefied and compressed natural gas. Like the other vehicles in Navistar’s portfolio, the natural gas-powered WorkStar will be fully certified to meet 2010 emissions standards.


In partnership with Clean Air Power Ltd., Navistar has developed and tested a 2011 International ProStar+ 122-inch BBC tractor with a 430 horsepower, 1,550 lb-ft dual fuel MaxxForce 13-liter engine. The engine uses diesel pilot injection for combustion on the compression stroke and mixes air and LNG on the intake stroke. The result is an engine that runs on a mixture of 15 percent diesel and 85 percent natural gas.

The dual-fuel 13-liter MaxxForce engine includes minimal changes to the stock diesel engine other than the addition of a natural gas injection system. Changes to the chassis include the addition of a 26-inch diameter, 119-gallon standard LNG tank that provides a 400 mile range, a coolant heated fuel vaporizer, and an LNG regulator and filter. Navistar is currently working with the EPA to define the regulatory requirements of an EPA compliant dual fuel engine.

In ProStar+, Navistar has introduced “fluid economy”—a new, more accurate measure to gauge the true operational costs associated with the competing emissions technologies. Through independent, third-party, industry-accepted testing methodologies, the International ProStar+ with MaxxForce Advanced EGR consistently outperformed the Freightliner Cascadia® and Kenworth T660, both with liquid-urea SCR, by nearly 1 percent to 2.5 percent.

Navistar Vehicles Powered by MaxxForce with Advanced EGR

Navistar has pursued its in-cylinder emissions solution path for the past decade to provide the most customer-friendly powertrain on the market. With MaxxForce® Advanced EGR, customers won’t have the worry or inconvenience of finding and filling liquid urea. MaxxForce Advanced EGR provides customers with a no-hassle solution that keeps responsibility for emissions compliance with the manufacturer—not the vehicle owner or driver.

Navistar vehicles incorporating MaxxForce with Advanced EGR:


All 2011 International brand commercial trucks for the North American market are powered by MaxxForce engines with MaxxForce Advanced EGR emissions technology. International brand commercial trucks are among the most aerodynamic and fuel efficient in the industry. Navistar was the first original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to receive dual certification through the EPA SmartWay Program for helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

IC Bus

MaxxForce® Advanced EGR is built into every IC Bus. Competing systems from other manufacturers involve complex add-on equipment, costly fluids and retraining for drivers and mechanics. With Advanced EGR, every driver of a new IC Bus school or commercial bus is EPA compliant at every turn of the key.

Monaco® RV

The Monaco Coach line of luxury recreational vehicles has grown over the years to become one of the world’s leading RV brands. The primary goal at Monaco RV is to build innovative, dependable and competitively priced homes on wheels, while offering a lifestyle for our customers that exceed their dreams. Currently Monaco offers MaxxForce with Advanced EGR in the Vesta model which is designed using the aerodynamic learnings from ProStar and ProStar+.

About Navistar

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