New Update Procedure Being Developed for NSTSP


A new amendment procedure was announced at the NASDPTS and NAPT conferences this fall that will allow the industry to update guidelines in the National School Transportation Specifications and Procedures rather than waiting five years to implement the changes.

Pete Baxter, the steering committee chair for the 15th National Congress on School Transportation and the state pupil transportation director for Indiana, first announced the change to state delegates in October and followed with details in Kansas City. He said the new amendment procedure “recognizes that some changes or additions to the NSTSP book should not wait until the next Congress.”

“For example, there was no material on school transportation security in the NSTSP book until 2006, five years after Sept. 11, 2001,” said Baxter. “In order for the NSTSP book to have relevance in the 21st century, the steering committee believes there must a method to modify the book when a timely response is necessary.”

The new process requires several changes to the way the NCST has been doing business. For example, state delegations and writing committees from the 14th NCST held in May 2005 are requested to remain active until appointment of delegates to the 15th NCST in 2010. Nearly 300 delegates from 47 states and more than 60 other interested persons attended the 14th NCST on the campus of the University of Central Missouri, formerly known as Central Missouri State University.

Any topics to be considered in the meantime must be submitted through a state delegation chairperson, a sponsoring organization of the NCST or the NASDPTS Supplier Council.

“An interim business matter may be processed or approved by the Steering Committee or follow a proscribed procedure involving the appropriate writing committee, the state delegations and voting,” Baxter added.

Revisions of the 2005 national specifications are available for download at

Reprinted from the January 2007 issue of School Transportation News magazine. All rights reserved.