A Time of Transition is a Time to Review Weather Policies

It seems as if everything is in transition right now – our federal government, the calendar and even the weather.

When things feel uncertain, it is a great time to take a step back, review and reassure. This allows you to be refreshed in knowing that you are doing everything right and haven’t forgotten anything, but it also helps to restore your confidence and the confidence of those around you.

Review your cold weather training curriculum. Can you give your drivers some short reminders before the next storm arrives? Is dispatch ready for the additional burdens that come with the weather?

Look over your fleet. Is everything ready to go for the impending weather? Is there anything you should take care of today to hopefully help prevent a problem tomorrow?

Look at your routes and your passengers. The children are focused on winter break – not safety. Focusing on safety is your job. What can you do today to help prepare for the return to school in January to ensure their safety? Are all of your necessary cold weather supplies well stocked?

And finally, take a moment to thank those who help to make your job easier and better. School transportation is an amazing industry. We do great work every day for the simple reason that we love what we do. Providing the safest form of transportation available to over 26 million children every day is an amazing feat and taking a moment to reflect with those around you is invaluable.

weber ronnaRonna Weber is the executive director of the National School Transportation Association, comprised of member representatives from private school bus contractors from across North America.

Last modified onTuesday, 03 January 2017 14:56