What Happens to Bullies When They Grow Up?: Pt. 1 School Bus Driver's Don't Know

This is a three-part series about the taboo side of bullying, which has not been given much publicity. Follow me on a journey that is sure to leave you with disgust, anger, disbelief, and empowerment as I uncover the truth behind the bully. This series will hit too close to home for many, as I have dealt with bullies in both my childhood and right here in the field of school transportation.

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NY Program Addresses LGBTQ Bullying on School Bus

More than 250 school bus drivers at the Shenendehowa Central School District in upstate New York recently attended a new course that focuses on transporting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning students and fighting bullying.

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The United Against Bulling 2017 Grant Opens

BELTON, MO – Safe Fleet and its brands are proud to announce the opening of the United Against Bullying (UAB) 2017 Grant Program. The Grant Application process opens today, Monday January 9, 2017 and closes Friday March 31, 2017. Grants are available to school districts and organizations working with students in the United States and Canada. The sole purpose of the annual Grant Program and other UAB campaigns is to start conversations on kindness and bullying, to empower students to stand up to abusive behavior, and to end bullying.

The UAB program is the social campaign of Safe Fleet, the leading provider of safety solutions for fleet vehicles. UAB envisions a world without bullying – full of kindness, empathy, and safety.

“Safety for children and adults is our number one focus. By awarding grants for anti-bullying and kindness initiatives, we enable more adults to reach more children,” says John R. Knox, President and CEO of Safe Fleet. “We believe that it is young people focused on kindness and empathy who will be the leaders in their communities and who will end bullying.”

A total of $50,000 will be awarded to the most inspiring and detailed proposals for a new anti-bullying or kindness initiative, to enhance or expand an existing program, or to purchase equipment to help address bullying and ensure the safety of students on the school bus. 

The online UAB Grant Application Form is available at unitedagainstbullying.net/grant along with the Rules and Regulations and a PDF working version. All applicants are encouraged to provide as much detail as possible about the program they envision. A review committee will select the winning grant recipients, to be announced in April, 2017.

About Safe Fleet

Headquartered in Belton, MO, Safe Fleet owns a portfolio of brands that provide safety solutions to fleet vehicle manufacturers and operators around the world.  These brands serve several major markets including: Bus, Rail and RV, Truck and Trailer, Work Truck, Emergency, Waste, and Industrial and Military.  With over 1,100 employees and 10 manufacturing locations, Safe Fleet targets markets with increasing demand for operator, passenger, and pedestrian safety. For more information about Safe Fleet and our portfolio of brands please visit www.safefleet.net.

Seon Launches Kindness Campaign Against Bullying

Mobile video surveillance company Seon and parent company Safe Fleet’s national program United Against Bullying have partnered to launch a 12 Days of Kindness campaign to showcase the good deeds witnessed on behalf of passengers, students and the general public with the transportation industry.

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National Social Campaign Holds Coloring Contest to Spread Kindness and Stop Bullying

BELTON, Mo. — Safe Fleet’s United Against Bullying (UAB) program held its annual Coloring Contest from September through October, 2016. This year’s theme was ‘Kindness Is Cool’ and the coloring sheet featured Buddy the Safety Bear being kind to his friend, Squirrel. The contest reached 1,390 students in cities around North America with the entries submitted by teachers, counselors, school bus drivers, and parents.