IC Bus Issues NHTSA Recall to Fix Faulty Hose

Navistar Inc. submitted a parts recall notice to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for hoses in the IC Bus CE and BE school bus models that have the tendency to overheat from repeated use.

According to the NHTSA recall report released last month, the defective component—found on both IC Bus vehicles produced between 2009 and 2015—is the formed heater hose for the driver’s heater. The recall says 20,673 total vehicles are thought to be affected.

CE 5IC Bus CEWhen equipped with a manual shut off, over time and continual heat and pressure cycles, this part could fatigue and split, the report adding that the break might cause coolant to leak into the school bus driver’s “foot area” and result in a “burn injury.” The outflow of heated engine coolant contacting with the driver could result in “possible sudden lateral vehicle movement, which could result in a motor vehicle accident.”

The report recommended that the heater and coolant hoses in the IC Bus BE and CE models should be inspected annually for signs of hardness, cracks, blisters or splits. If damage is identified, the formed heater hoses in question should be replaced.

It also states that the replacement formed hose should have new reinforcement and rubber material to withstand higher temperature and pressure cycles.

Navistar will notify IC Bus BE and CE dealers and customers Jan. 06, 2017. Navistar also said it plans to reimburse expenses for pre-notification fixes. Reimbursement instructions will be included in the customer notification.

To prevent further recalls, Navistar manufacturing already began installing new formed heater hoses with reinforcement materials and different rubber compounds. IC BusBEIC Bus BE

Last modified onThursday, 08 December 2016 15:30