Mom Survives Being Run Over By NYC School Bus

Inches separated Ayse Ayaz, 43, mother of three, from life and death as she fell under the wheels of an oncoming school bus in New York according to the New York Daily News

Ayaz was knocked to the ground by a side mirror of a school bus last Friday, then caught under the vehicle’s right front wheel.

Shortly after the accident she was taken to Kings County Hospital’s emergency room with four broken ribs, a broken collarbone, a broken leg and a swollen, bleeding eye.

“I saw something coming fast, I tried to cross, but I had no chance at all,” Ayaz told the Daily News on Wednesday from her hospital bed, where she has been since the crash.

Security footage from a nearby building captured her in the crosswalk, trying to reach the sidewalk as the yellow short bus, empty of children, made a right turn into the street.

Ayaz breaks into a jog in an attempt to make it past the bus — but apparently never saw its extended side mirror. It hit her directly in the head and knocked her flat, right into the path of the vehicle’s right front wheel. In the video, Ayaz — book bag flying — makes a quick attempt to get up, but is then shoved under the bus before the driver can hit the brakes.

When it was over, the mother of three young children was trapped beneath a wheel.

Ayaz, who won’t be able to walk again for at least three months.

The driver, Shelly Rudolph, 51, of Manhattan, stayed at the scene and received a summons for failure to yield.

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