Not Quite the Kind of PR One Desires


Or is it?

Bob Braun of the Star-Ledger newspaper in New Jersey had a lede yesterday in a crime story that made us chuckle:

The Blue Bird. The All-American Blue Bird. That was the name written on the bus that today brought to court scores of shackled defendants in what federal prosecutors are calling the “most significant” corruption case in recent New Jersey history.

I’m sure the paragraph, albeit clever, ruffled some feathers at Blue Bird’s corporate headquarters in Fort Valley, Ga. But it might also make the company happy as it can revel in seeing its logo fly all across the country serving a variety of people, not just school students. Blue Bird buses are regularly used to transport U.S. troops both domestically and abroad. And, the ‘Bird hauls prisoners, like the 44 defendants arrested in an FBI sting and charged with participating in a complex, multi-country money laundering scheme.

Who said school busing wasn’t recession proof?