NYAPT Supports Bills that Target Illegal Passers of School Buses


Two bills introduced in the New York State legislature that would increase the ability of law enforcement to catch motorists who unlawfully pass school buses with activated red lights and stop arms at stops are receiving the full support of the New York Association for Pupil Transportation.

Association representatives joined Assemblyman Peter Rivera and Sen. Catherine Young in a press conference today to endorse the bi-partisan legislation that was introduced in February. A.4416 and S.4062 would allow prosecution based on photographic evidence of the offense via video cameras mounted on the school bus stop arm or elsewhere.

Registered owners of the vehicles would also be on the hook for any violation, regardless if they were behind the wheel or not.

The bills would also hand down a misdemeanor charge of aggravated assault on any motorist who injures a person while illegally passing a school bus, and a fatality would result in a charge of felony negligent homicide.

NYAPT is calling on its members to ask their state representatives to support the bills, which were in each chambers’ transportation committee.