Off to Another Head Start


The second in a series of on-going conference calls with members of the Head Start community touched on transporting infants and toddlers and the upcoming STN EXPO.

Nancy Netherland has been heading the series of conference calls, which will culminate at the STN conference in July. Issues that are affecting the Head Start community and its ability to transport its students have been helped and hindered by the stimulus from the ARRA and the new requirements attached to the funding.

“There’s been a lot of interest in collaboration across Head Start and this interest group reflects the spirit of connectiveness among the Head Start transportation people to provide the safety transportation possible,” said Netherland.

Child passenger seat training and the necessary funding was an issue for more than one caller. Although the goal is to have all of their drivers CPS certified, the costs related to the training, as well as the seats themselves, has made it difficult to meet for some. Community partnerships with local agencies helped one of the attendees.

STN EXPO attendees will be eligible to receive continuing education units certified by SafeRideNews for completing the NHTSA Child Passenger Technician pre-conference course that will be held the afternoon of July 24 and ending at noon on July 25.

See you in Reno!