Planning Charter & Field Trips


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration oversees commercial bus and motorcoach operations in the United States. While these operator companies are generally not in the business of home-to-school student transportation (though some also have a school bus division), these vehicles are often contracted by school districts to provide service for charter and field trips. But how do you know if a company is safe? 

Several online resources are available to help:

FMCSA Passenger Carrier Web site: One-stop-shop for obtaining safety information for bus companies as well as tips for booking a safe bus. 

“Look Before You Book”
An FMCSA website that contains educational information and resources on charter trips

Top 3 Things to Know When Planning Your Next Bus Trip
Learn the top three things you need to know to consider safety, as well as price, when booking a bus company. 

Interstate Passenger Carrying Driver’s Guide to Hours of Service

SaferBus Mobile App
Aids travelers and trip planners in collecting valuable information about a bus company’s safety record on-the-go. For iPhone and Android.

FMCSA Field Office Map
Connect with a local FMCSA staff member. District administrators are also available to speak at a local conference or meeting to inform your members about the importance of booking safe student bus travel.