Power of Video for the Bus Garage


We’ll have more on this in our March magazine issue, but, today, more and more service technicians are using the computer for more than just diagnosing the most recent model of vehicle that runs on electronics.

It’s been a while since we dropped in on the School Bus Mechanic blog produced by John Whelan, a heavy-duty technician with 32 years of of the job experience. One entry links to an animated video the depicts how an internal combustion 4-stroke gasoline engine works and, specifically, its timing.

His most recent entry talks about how the DT466 performs in cold weather, and yes, there’s an accompanying video that shows a cold start of a 1989 International 8100 in 10- to 15 degree weather.

Even with his experience, Whelan is continuously on the Web searching for the latest innovative tool that not only helps him perform his job but potentially others as well. And sometimes, the resource is a few years old, but it can still be very relevant in today’s age of extending school bus life to save on purchase costs.

How do you use the Internet in your operations?