Recorded: Propane Buses – The Smart Choice for Schools


School Transportation News will host a free webinar from the Propane Education & Research Council on March 9. Focused on propane autogas and its general benefits, the webinar explores the details of how propane can help schools and organizations meet sustainability goals and remain profitable.

michael taylorMichael Taylor, PERC PERC hopes those who sign up walk away with an increased awareness of the environmental and financial benefits of propane autogas.

Michael Taylor, director of autogas business development for PERC, will provide attendees an overview of how propane buses are helping school districts and private contractors reduce emissions, as well as lowering total cost-of-ownership.

To showcase the real-world benefits of fueling bus fleets with propane autogas, PERC will also feature John Benish, Jr., chief operating officer for school bus contractor Cook-Illinois Corporation, and Steve Smith, director of transportation at MSD Warren Township in Indiana. They will share their experiences using propane autogas and how it has been a sustainable, profitable and reliable fuel for their organizations.