Recession Proof Jobs in School Transportation?


Bad news for many Americans this week as 55,000 jobs were cut on what some are calling Bloody Monday. While many school districts are looking at cutting school bus and other services or cutting district pay to balance budgets, school bus contractor Student Transportation of America is saying it offers “recession proof jobs.” In a press release Dina Cooper, STA director of recruiting, said:

“Kids have to go to school despite the ups and downs of the economy … Budget deficits are prompting many more school districts to consider the benefits of contracted student transportation and we’re expecting to win a record number of new business bids in the coming months. This growth is driving our need for additional employees. Job cuts at other transportation businesses mean the pool of qualified drivers and mechanics has grown and we’re looking forward to welcoming these well-qualified men and women to our growing team.”

What the recession means for the rest of the industry and driver jobs around the country remains to be seen.