Sean Gallagher

Sean Gallagher

Born in Chicago during a year that the Cubs were terrible, Sean Gallagher has moved around a lot and the Cubs have continued to be bad. Now living in Los Angeles, he writes, paints and talks too much about his pet cats. His goal right now is to get his newborn son interested in bikes even though he can't walk yet.   

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February 2017

febPhoto by IC Bus

School bus pre- and post-trip inspections will likely always require drivers to physically walk around the school bus, and rightly so. But technology from several manufacturers is promising to make the process easier and more reliable, increasing efficiency in the shop and ensuring safety for the safest way for students to get to and from school.

Blue Bird Awarded $4.4 Million to Develop Electric School Bus

WASHINGTON—In December 2016, the Department of Energy announced that they would be awarding $15 million to organizations in an effort to accelerate the adoption of advanced and alternative fuel vehicles. Blue Bird Corporation, a bus manufacturer located in Fort Valley, Georgia, was presented the largest amount at $4.4 million in order to develop a zero-emissions, 100 percent V2G electric school bus.