Special Needs

AMF-Bruns Offers Protection in Rear-End Collisions

CLEVELAND —  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that the head, neck, chest, pelvis, abdomen, legs and feet are the most common body parts to be injured in a motor vehicle crash. The best protection is a shoulder & lap belt system combined with a 4-point wheelchair restraint system.

What's the Code Word?

The special needs school bus pulls up and no parent or family member is home to receive the child. Go figure. With more than 500 special needs students on Tempe Elementary school buses every afternoon, even a one-percent occurrence is a huge problem to an otherwise well-choreographed routing system. 

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Roundup: Bus Fleet Receives an Update, A Bus Catches Fire and More

The average age of a Gwinnett County school bus is 17 years old, nearly twice the national average. Some were made in 1986. The Atlanta-area district has about 1,960 school buses, claiming to have the largest district-owned fleet in the nation. Officials are worried that a number of vehicle parts are obsolete. School board members voted to spend roughly $1 million on 13 new school buses. While this is a step in the right direction, officials reported they still need more vehicles. “I’ve just got to start modernizing and updating our fleet,” said the school district’s chief operations officer. The new buses will have LED lights and other safety features worth the average sale price of about $82,000. To pay for the new buses, the district will use fines collected from motorists who failed to yield to stopped school buses. Gwinnett began placing video cameras on its buses in 2014 to catch those motorists.

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A Hole in One for Kids

This spring, The Els Center of Excellence will conclude its first school year. But for the students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) educated there, the $35-million facility is a year-round partner.

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Seating Is Believing

While the yellow bus is the safest way for students to get to school, students with disabilities may in some cases require additional support to ensure their full safety, such as child safety restraint systems. 

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