Rhode Island General Assembly Passes School Bus Epi Pen Bill


A bill that would require school bus drivers and monitors to administer Epi pens in reaction to a student in anaphalactic shock has headed to the desk of Gov. Lincoln Chaffee.

S2173 passed both the House and Senate this month. The legislation allows parents and/or guardians to “expressly authorize” school bus drivers to administer the epinephrine auto-injector shots during an emergency. The bill also requires school bus drivers and monitors be trained in administering the Epi pens, which are to be “kept in a conspicuous place, readily available and that their proper use is made known to school personnel.”

The bill also states that school bus drivers, monitors, teachers, school health administrators or any other school personnel are not to be held liable for any acts of omission or ordinary negligence in adminstering the drug. This group includes school bus contractors. However, there is a provision that school personnel may be held liable in cases of gross negligence or “willful or wanton conduct.”