S.C. School Bus Driver Arrested with 0.31 BAC


A South Carolina school bus driver was arrested and charged with drunk driving and child endangerment after another motorist and his passenger witnessed the school bus swerving in traffic, reports WSOCTV.com.

Angela Caldwell, a Chesterfield County School District driver since 2012, had a blood alcohol level of 0.31, nearly four times the legal limit, said police. Eric Clyburn was riding with friend Eugene Moore on the way to work Monday morning when he saw the school bus swerving and took a cell phone video to document it.

Moore then pulled ahead of the bus and slowed down to get Caldwell to stop before police arrived. Five students were on board at the time. The report added that 911 officials said they also received calls from other motorists.

State troopers also charged Caldwell, 53, with possession of alcohol with a broken seal. They said she had several miniature bottles of alcohol, and one of them was open. 

Chesterfield County Superintendent Harrison Goodwin said Caldwell has been suspended amid the ongoing investigation, which is standard procedure when a state or school employee is arrested.