School Bus Logistics Introduces New Routing Services


DENVER — School Bus Logistics (SBL), a Denver-based transportation consulting and support business, introduced a new line of professional routing services this spring that will allow school districts and bus companies to outsource all or a portion of routing operations to SBL. These services include: route planning and scheduling; student, stop and route maintenance; an annual evaluation of runs/routes; school-start route development plans; and summer-school routing.

Bus routing is a major function in a school district’s transportation department that can drive savings.

By partnering with SBL for their routing operations, school districts can take control of transportation spending and take advantage of potentially huge savings,” says Rob Jacobus, SBL’s CEO and founder. “For example, districts might be able to cut routing costs by sharing just one routing resource with another district.”

Other bussing challenges districts face are difficulties finding quality candidates for routing positions, or the inability to justify the cost of such positions at all. Some districts may need only a little extra support to find and implement new routing software.

SBL’s new services provide more options for solving these bussing problems.

“We hired School Bus Logistics to help implement our new routing software and assist our routers in developing new routes for the start of school,” says Scott French, transportation director for Littleton Public Schools. “Their knowledge and experience in developing safe and efficient routes is unsurpassed.”

Every year school districts create new routes that can be evaluated for efficiencies. Such things as route pairings and load counts can be reviewed and revised to help reduce deadhead mileage and downtime between runs.

“I have gone into transportation operations and seen how people get frustrated with how things are not going the way they had planned,” says Jacobus. “By implementing some basic routing fundamentals and providing additional training on routing operations, SBL can help keep transportation costs low.”

A business partner of the Colorado State Pupil Transportation Association with more than 10 years of combined routing software and operations experience, School Bus Logistics provides consulting and support to school districts and bussing contract companies. By accurately and efficiently eliminating the challenges of pupil transportation, School Bus Logistics can put money back into the hands of school districts and, ultimately, back into the communities they serve.