Some School Buses Equipped with Carrier Air Conditioners Subject to Recall


Transartic Canada, Inc., announced that it is recalling 1,522 air conditioning units installed in certain model-year 2006 through 2011 school buses because a fuse holder may melt.

The Carrier Genv EM-1 evaporator units affected by NHTSA recall No. 11V302000 filed last month have part numbers 77-62112-XX and 77-62512-XX and serial numbers KNT90890232 to NNE91230058. The units were manufactured from Jan. 1, 2006 through December 2010.

The problem, according to Transarctic, centers on an Adelphi Pack-Con fuse holder in an allied motion motor assembly that may loosen over time due to time, temperature and/or vibration. High resistance and arcing may result, which could cause the fuse holder to melt causing smoke and fire.

Transactic said it would be notifying owners of the affected units that it is working with various school bus manufacturers and authorized Carrier dealers to fix the problem with a retrofit kit and instructions, free of charge. The recall notice stated a list of vehicles affected was available but was not listed on the NHTSA Web site. The recall campaign was expected to begin this month.

Owners may contact Carrier at 800-793-4741.