Sound Familiar? Regulation Leads to High School Transportation Fees … in Dubai


This from the Nation’s Press: Recent regulations of school buses in Dubai are sending the cost of school bus service “through the roof,” the Gulf News reported. Schools are worried about the cost of the safety regulations and one has reportedly cut a number of buses to stay in budget. The principal told the paper:

“We are really worried about the fee increase because ours has always been an affordable school. But the overhaul and maintenance of school buses as per the RTA regulations are going to be too expensive for the school to afford.”

Parents are worried, too. They said they don’t like the idea of having to pick up the added cost of the safety regulation.

“I have three children going to school from next year and that means, I have to cough up around Dh10,000 alone as school transportation charges,” said the father who stays in Sharjah.