Spartan Motors Recognizes Supplier Excellence; Key Partners in 2012 Growth


CHARLOTTE, Mich. — Spartan Motors, Inc. announced its Supplier Performance And Review Committee (SPARC) recognized seven top-performing suppliers during the 11th Annual Supplier Conference held March 27, 2013 in Charlotte, Mich. Spartan Motors honored key partners which were instrumental in its growth in 2012.

Spartan posted revenue of $471 million in 2012, an increase of 10.5% from 2011 revenue of $426 million. The Company also recorded its backlog at the end of 2012 increased 20% from the end of 2011.

“Spartan Motors strives to provide high quality products on a consistent basis to our customers,” said Drew Schramm, Senior Vice President of Supply Chain Management. “Spartan’s suppliers play a critical role in ensuring our success as they consistently deliver exceptional products to enhance our product portfolio. We are thankful for these opportunities to collaborate and above all, value each member of our supplier network and the work they do each day.”

The suppliers honored consistently embody the values of Spartan Motors and maintain an unwavering commitment to quality, on-time delivery and excellent customer support. The companies which were recognized during the 2013 Supplier Conference exceeded the standards of excellence at Spartan Motors:

  • Allison Transmission (Indianapolis, Ind.)
  • Cummins Bridgeway, LLC (New Hudson, Mich.)
  • Dana (Sterling, Ill.)
  • F.B. Wright Company (Kentwood, Mich.)
  • Precision Cable Assemblies, LLC (Brookfield, Wis.)
  • Professional Metal Works (Haslett, Mich.)
  • TriMark Corporation (New Hampton, Iowa)

Additional suppliers were recognized for other contributions to Spartan Motors. The 1,000-plus suppliers to Spartan Motors are continually evaluated to ensure adherence to the Company’s ever-increasing requirements. Suppliers that consistently exceed the performance criteria have the opportunity to increase their business with the Company.

Spartan Motors has a blended growth strategy to give the Company a more balanced revenue stream that is much less dependent on any single customer than it was just three years ago. Now our task is to sustain revenue growth momentum while improving profitability. To that end, we developed the D.R.I.V.E. strategy that recognizes a successful organization is one with integrated operations and a healthy culture that encourages innovation and growth. The major facets of the D.R.I.V.E. strategy are:

Diversified Growth: We will develop and sustain a product portfolio that will diversify our revenue stream to weather industry cycles.

 Redefining Technology and Innovation, Develop Exciting Products: Spartan is a high-end, high-performance brand in each of its markets. Customers willingly pay more for our products because they place a high value on the solutions and experience we provide.

 Integration of the Enterprise to Achieve Operational Improvement: We will match product innovation with more efficient manufacturing and sales activities. Spartan must generate an attractive profit that will support reinvestment in the company and earn a higher return for shareholders.

– Vibrant Culture: To maintain our product leadership and creativity, we will maintain a corporate culture that fosters and rewards those qualities.

Extend Our Core Markets: Spartan and Utilimaster are two outstanding brands that serve our three core markets. We expect to be the first name customers think of for services, parts or a new vehicle by providing a superior solution to their needs or the experience they deserve.

D.R.I.V.E. encourages a heightened focus, teamwork and a common approach across the organization. It is intended to align our efforts and emphasize the importance of collaboration and integration across business units. Adhering to this strategy, Spartan will be able to develop new products, advance into new markets and operate more effectively and efficiently than before.

About Spartan Motors

Spartan Motors, Inc. designs, engineers and manufactures specialty chassis, specialty vehicles, truck bodies and aftermarket parts for the recreational vehicle (RV), emergency response, government services, defense, and delivery and service markets. The Company employs approximately 1,800 associates at facilities in Michigan, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Indiana and Florida. Visit Spartan Motors at