Stertil-Koni to Expand Manufacturing Facility


Stertil-Koni announced today that it has purchased 4.5 acres of land in order to enlarge its production plant, Stertil ALM, located in Streator, Illinois.

Stertil-Koni manufactures heavy-duty vehicle lifts, notably bus and truck lifts.

Set to begin this spring, construction is expected to be complete later in the year. The added space will be mainly used to assemble the Stertil-Koni DIAMOND LIFT, a full-rise telescopic piston lift, and the SKYLIFT, an “open-floor, true vertical-rise platform lift with no crossbeams, no overhang and no base frame,” according to the company.

“Stertil ALM is a major employer in Streator and the anticipated expansion is positive for the community,” said Jimmie Lansford, mayor of Streator.

The expansion comes after numerous developments to the facility in recent years, including 14,000 square feet added in 2011. Last year, Stertil ALM also purchased a new cutting machine that “utilizes a combination of plasma and oxy-fuel torches coupled with a state-of-the-art, PC-based touchscreen controller for extremely fast, high-precision manufacturing,” the company stated.

Stertil ALM also added an extra CNC machining center and overhead crane.

“The increased acreage and production space allows the company to keep all the operations under one roof.  The expansion will allow Stertil ALM to increase efficiency and productivity.  In addition to the growth in the North American market, Stertil ALM is exporting in-ground lift products worldwide,” said Allan Pavlick, vice president of Stertil ALM.

Dr. Jean DellAmore, president of Stertil-Koni USA added, “The expansion of our vehicle lift production facility in Streator is in direct response to the North American marketplace, which has embraced our broad range of heavy duty vehicle lifts and catapulted us to a leading position in the heavy-duty lifting industry.”