Texas Offers Way Back on Bus for Drivers With Medical Conditions


Many drivers are grounded after their district discovers they suffer from diabetes. Fortunately for them, the Texas Department of Public Safety offers a way for qualified drivers with manageable conditions to stay on the road.

While state law requires all school bus drivers to take an annual physical that’s based on FMCSA requirements, drivers who suffers from ailments like diabetes or high blood pressure that might otherwise prohibit them from driving a school bus may apply for a waiver.

Drivers must prove that their condition does not keep them from safely operating a school bus or ensuring the safety of school children. A physician’s examination report and letters from prospective employers and a physician are required.

The Texas Medical Advisory Board, through the Texas Department of Public Health, meets twice a month to review drivers. If they determine that a driver’s condition is carefully monitored and not a hindrance to their job, they can sign the waiver and allow one more competent, qualified driver back on the road.

Reprinted from the June 2007 issue of School Transportation News magazine. All rights reserved.