Texas School Bus Driver Honored for Saving Student’s Life


Linda Wilson was recognized by the McKinney Independent School District north of Dallas and her employer, school-bus contractor Durham School Services, for performing CPR on a student-rider who had stopped breathing, a move that was credited with saving the child’s life.

Wilson was driving her route early last month when she realized a female special-education student from Evans Middle School had stopped breathing. The seven-year veteran driver began performing CPR until the girl started breathing again. By that time, paramedics arrived and transported the student to a local hospital, where Durham said the girl recovered from the incident.

“After 911 was called, Linda knew that every minute counted and started using CPR while waiting for the emergency response team,” said General Manager Pete Chancellor, who oversees Durham’s facility in McKinney. “She knew what to do, and didn’t waste any time doing it.”

The Mckinney Board of Education awarded Wilson a certificate and the bus driver received a standing ovation from all in attendance. Durham supervisors also recognized Wilson’s heroic action during a local monthly safety meeting.

“Linda is a true professional who cares so deeply for the students she serves,” Chancellor said. “She acted quickly and is a big reason that student is alive today.”