WAAV Teams With REI For Onboard Bus/Coach WiFi Plus Real-Time Video Security


CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Mobile broadband technology provider WAAV Inc. announced it signed a two-year agreement with Radio Engineering Industries Inc. (REI), of Omaha, Neb. to market onboard WiFi and Internet connectivity solutions for charter buses and motor coaches. REI is the leading manufacturer and factory supplier of audio/video entertainment and security systems for motor coaches, transit buses and other vehicles.

REI and WAAV developed BUS-WATCH® MB1and MB2, mobile broadband cellular routers using WAAV’s AirBox® technology, to serve aftermarket private coach and bus accounts in the United States, Canada, Mexico and South America. WAAV will continue working with transit agencies and broadcasters, public safety departments, video security systems and federal agencies.

“Combining our advanced technology in communications with the bus industry’s leading on-board electronics provider gives customers a single device with capabilities not available anywhere else,” said Brett Wilson, WAAV’s director of enterprise solutions. “BUS-WATCH MB1 and MB2 integrate WiFi and real-time surveillance capabilities into REI’s well-known line of onboard systems.”

WAAV has made in-motion WiFi a must-have amenity for bus passengers while providing bottom-line advantages for bus companies. WAAV’s AirBox mobile routers offer proportional bandwidth QoS (Quality of Service), ensuring dozens of users on a moving vehicle enjoy the same Internet experience. Every day, thousands of passengers on Greyhound Lines, BoltBus, Washington Deluxe and Peter Pan Bus Lines use onboard Internet delivered by WAAV AirBox routers.

Designed and built for bus and train installations, the AirBox Transit Edition is a ruggedized router that provides connections for passengers and vehicle data to fleet operators, saving them time and money. Vehicle information is delivered in real-time, with options ranging from security camera video, to vehicle diagnostics, GPS location, and other operating data.

“The quality and innovative mobile design made WAAV equipment and REI a natural fit,” said Dave Ruback, REI president.

Buses aren’t the only vehicles where WAAV delivers. In 2008, the company switched on Boston’s commuters – delivering Internet access to more than 250 railcars on the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s rail lines all over New England. The agency also deployed mobile broadband on buses and ferries. And Amtrak chose WAAV to provide onboard Internet access for the inaugural train used by President Barack Obama between Philadelphia and Washington DC.

About WAAV: Since 2005, WAAV has been the leading provider of rugged cellular routers for mass transit, government, enterprise, video surveillance, and broadcasting industries. WAAV specializes in creating reliable communication equipment and networking systems for applications that demand high performance and durability. The company is privately held and based in Cambridge, MA. For more information, please visit www.waav.com or call 888-GET WAAV (888-438-9228).

About REI: An ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer, REI is a leading supplier of BUS-WATCH® Digital Surveillance Systems, PA Systems, Multi-Media Entertainment Systems and full line of mobile electronic solutions to the transportation industry. www.radioeng.com.